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Plant Based Eating, Men’s Health

The Ultimate Southern Baker, Southern Living

Bob Ross, Meredith Corporation

Food & Wine Annual Cookbook 2020, Food & Wine Magazine

Ancient Civilizations, History Channel

Ancient Civilizations, History Channel

Southern Living 2019 Annual Recipes, Southern Living Magazine

Secrets of the Dead, PBS

The 100 Best Recipes, Food & Wine Magazine

Cast Iron Cooking, Centennial Media
Cast-iron cookware is a perennial favorite of cooks of every stripe, and its popularity has only increased as its versatility and durability has been demonstrated over the centuries. Waterbury created all of the content for this bookazine that is a mix of recipes and editorial features that help cast-iron cooks get the best results in the kitchen and also care for their investment. We concepted the stories, developed and photographed the recipes and editorial features, and did all of the research, writing, and design.

Total Knife Manual, Field & Stream
This exhaustive and eye-catching manual was Waterbury’s most complex and involved manual to create to date. We worked directly with the author, T. Edward Nickens, and his editor on a design for the original text that showcases the dizzying variety of these fascinating instruments. We worked with knife manufacturers and artisans to both locate images and procure knives that we photographed in our studio. The result is a book that is both beautiful and authoritative.

Doug Breed Guide, National Geographic Kids
This exhaustive guide to every recognized dog breed in the world is aimed at kids aged 8 to 12. Waterbury took the manuscript and turned it into lively, eye-catching layouts that capture the dizzying array of dog breeds and the singular joy our canine friends take out of life. One of the greatest challenges in creating this book was locating a photo of each breed that met the exacting standards of National Geographic Kids, leading us to contact photographers and dog breeders throughout the country and as far away as Taiwan, Germany, France, and Holland.

Instant Pot Miracle, Better Homes and Gardens
Cooks of all types and skill levels reach for Better Homes & Gardens cookbooks because it is an implicitly trusted brand. That’s especially true for parents who want to share the joy and valuable skills that can be gained through the experience of cooking with their kids. The challenge on this book was to present the material in an accurate way while keeping it fun. Waterbury worked hand-in-hand with the illustrator and photographer to blend the design, photos, and illustrations into a custom, single image on every spread of the book.

Instant Pot Miracle, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The Instant Pot—a combination pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, yogurt-maker and more—is one of the most wildly popular kitchen appliances to come along in decades. The publisher wanted to get a cookbook tailored to this machine to market on an expedited schedule to take advantage of the overwhelming consumer response. Waterbury developed and tested 175 recipes for every function of the instant Pot—no small feat—as well as wrote, edited, designed, and photographed Instant Pot Miracle. The book wound up being one of the best-selling trade books (not just cookbooks) of 2017.

The Future of Military Tech, Popular Science
Repurposed content from Popular Science magazine, combined with newly created content, was used to create a special interest publication on the topic of military technology. Our designers used a combination of stock photography and manufacturer photography to create a compelling design.

The Edible Garden, Country Gardens
Our editors worked with Country Gardens magazine to collect the essential expertise into The Edible Garden, a guide to growing and preparing your own home grown food. Our designers created an easy to follow design and worked with new and stock photography.

100 Recipes You’ll Make Forever, Better Homes and Gardens
This sneak peek into the heart of the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchen is loaded not just with delicious recipes but test kitchen tips and secrets that will make you recipes perfect every time. Our editors selected and developed timeless recipes and our design team create a test kitchen test sheet feel to make the reader feel as if they are part of the testing team.

Modern Homesteading, Living the Country Life
Our editors worked with Living the Country Life magazine to collect the essential expertise into Modern Homesteading, a guide to rediscovering the crucial skills to truly go from farm to table. Our designers created a almanac style design and worked with new and stock photography to present the material in an easy-to-understand way.

Whole 30 Cookbook, Melissa Hartwig
Our recipe developers created 140 Whole30-compliant recipes and tested each recipe in our in-house test kitchen for accuracy and taste appeal.

The Essential Fishing Handbook, Field & Stream
Repurposed content from Field & Stream was used to create a manual for dedicated anglers that covers Tools, Techniques and Tactics to ensure a big haul every time they hit the water.

The Natural Disaster Survival Handbook, Outdoor Life
Repurposed content from Outdoor Life was used to create a handbook for surviving anything Mother Nature can throw out—including extreme cold and storms, high winds and hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes and heat waves.

The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Handbook, Outdoor Life
Repurposed content from Outdoor Life was used to create a manual of skills, tools and essential know-how for surviving in the great outdoors.

Make It, Don’t Buy It, Better Homes and Gardens
Make It, Don’t Buy It is the complete compendium for a new generation of cooks who want to make wholesome food at home instead of purchasing mass-produced items made with artificial ingredient. Our design team combined new photography and unique artwork to create a home cook notebook design that appeals to a young audience.

Spiralize This!, Martha Rose Shulman
The book features a beautiful full-color photo with every recipe and includes tips on how to use various spiralizers and how to store leftover vegetable noodles, ribbons, and rice.

EatingWell Vegetables, EatingWell
EatingWell Vegetables guides both vegetable lovers and novices through the world of produce, including must-know basics, shopping notes, growing advice, and cooking tips on 100 common and less common vegetables, from arugula to yucca.

The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook, Loren Cordain, Ph.D.
The science defines the diet. We worked within those parameters to develop and test 250 delicious recipes. Our editors worked with the author to determine the proper mix of recipes, and our art directors, photographers, and prop and food stylists turned those recipes into 70 mouthwatering photographs and a beautiful design and layout.

Real Paleo Fast & Easy, Loren Cordain, Ph.D.
The book has a range of speedy meals, from flash-roasted fish to microwave peach chutney for pork chops. There are soups, skillet meals, fresh dinner salads, and more. The 170 recipes and 70 color photos make dinner easy and appealing.

Make Ahead Meals, Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens Make-Ahead Meals is a must-have recipe collection for anyone looking to get homemade dishes on the table with ease.

SpongeBob’s Kitchen Mission, Nickelodeon
Our recipe developers created more than 40 SpongeBob theme recipes. Our designers then worked with stock artwork from the Nickelodeon animation team to create unique compositions and integrate them with the photography. Our writers worked with SpongeBob style guides to work a storyline that runs through the cookbook.

Complete Canning Guide, Better Homes and Gardens
The resurgence of an interest in DIY food preservation spurred the creation of this comprehensive canning guide. Waterbury worked with existing Better Homes and Gardens content and hired a team of recipe developers to create new content as well. We wrote all technical content as well as recipe head notes and tips. Our designers created a fresh, contemporary look that appeals to canners of all ages.

Gardening Made Simple, Better Homes and Gardens
Waterbury worked with a very experienced garden editor and writer to produce this comprehensive gardening guide aimed at green thumbs of all skill levels. Our art staff did all design work, while the editor planned and executed all editorial content, including scheduling and attending photo shoots.

Comfort Food Fix, Ellie Krieger
Best known as the host of the Food Network’s hit show “Healthy Appetite,” Ellie’s warmth and charisma have made her the leading go-to nutritionist in the media today. This book features reduced-calorie recipe makeovers. To highlight this feature, the layout was designed to emphasize the before and after calorie comparison.

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, Discovery Channel
Our design team combined stock photography, textures, and unique artwork to create a powerful design and layout that appeals to a young audience. Our editors understand the audience they are writing for. Short blocks of copy, sidebars, and Top 10 lists were used to engage readers and keep them moving through the content.

Ask the Garden Doctor, Better Homes and Gardens
We worked with a leading garden expert to create this reference guide to all that ails one’s garden. We accessed the vast archive of garden photos from the existing Meredith content to illustrate this book.

California Pizza Kitchen Taste of the Seasons, California Pizza Kitchen
The goal was to create a self-published cookbook to celebrate CPK’s 30th Anniversary and launch their Next Chapter strategy. Our editors worked with CPK chefs to convert recipes written for a restaurant kitchen into recipes that could be achieved by the home cook. Photography was designed to reflect the new decor of the restaurants.

Rocco DiSpirito
Our team of editors and designers has produced three books with Chef Rocco DiSpirito and has created two promotional videos in conjunction with Morton Salt.

Sandra Lee
Our team of editors, designers, and photographers has produced five cookbooks and eight lifestyle magazines with Food Network personality Sandra Lee. We worked closely with Sandra Lee to develop recipes and crafts, write editorial content, and create beautiful photography.

Mr. and Mrs. Sunday’s Suppers, Lorraine Wallace
Our team produced more than 45 mouthwatering photographs and a compelling design for this book filled with simple weeknight recipes.

Family Circle Annual Recipes
This collection of all of the recipes that appear in Family Circle magazine in any given year is part of a direct-mail book program. Our designers take the magazine content and reassemble it in a way that is better suited to a cookbook and make sure that it reflects the Family Circle brand.

Dora & Diego Let’s Cook, Nickelodeon
Our recipe developers created 50 healthy recipes that would appeal to the very young viewers of Nickelodeon’s “Dora the Explorer” and “Go, Diego, Go!” Our designers incorporated the food photography with illustrations from Nickelodeon.

Fresh Grilling, Better Homes and Gardens
The trend toward eating fresh extends to the perennially popular cooking method of grilling. Our editors worked with existing content and created new recipes that celebrate peak-season fruits and vegetables. Enticing food photography and a clean design inspire readers to get outdoors and cook.

Garden Fresh Meals, Better Homes and Gardens
The proliferation of farmers’ markets, home gardens, and CSAs (community-supported agriculture) reflects a growing interest in eating seasonally. Our editors drew from the Better Homes and Gardens recipe resources and worked with the Test Kitchen to create additional content where needed. Our designers created a warm, organic design with the look of a garden journal.

Our Best Recipes, Better Homes and Gardens
This lead book in a direct-mail book program is complementary when a consumer signs up for a series of Better Homes and Gardens books. We chose recipes and photos with broad appeal and designed the book to be on target with the Better Homes and Gardens brand.

The Joy Fit Club, Joy Bauer and NBC
This book is a collection of weight-loss success stories with recipes to help others make that same goal come true. Our team of editors and recipe developers worked with Joy Bauer to round out the recipe mix.

365 Slow Cooker Suppers, Stephanie O’Dea
One of the country’s top bloggers, Stephanie O’Dea, made a New Year’s resolution to use her slow cooker every single day in 2008 and write about it online. The result was this collection of family-friendly, easy-on-the-cook recipes.

Fresh, Better Homes and Gardens
The task was to create a seasonal cookbook that reflects the new direction of Better Homes and Gardens food content. Recipes were developed using fresh, seasonal ingredients, and the result was a fresh visual appeal. Beautiful food and produce photography runs cover to cover.

 From A Southern Oven, Jean Anderson
Waterbury was provided the photography and all editorial content by the publisher and was tasked with creating a design that was fresh and contemporary but also spoke to the traditional icons of the South, as the award-winning author is a native of North Carolina who writes frequently about Southern cuisine.

Can It!, Better Homes and Gardens
A slightly different twist on the traditional canning book, we created this bright and whimsical design to appeal to the younger audience that was being drawn to canning and food preservation. Waterbury also handled all editorial content, including organizing all of the pick-up recipes, editing, and copywriting.

Baking, Better Homes and Gardens
Waterbury worked with Better Homes and Gardens food editors to create an authoritative but modern design for the first comprehensive baking book BHG published in 15 years. We also art directed photo shoots and executed all layouts for this 528-page book.

Gardening Made Easy Herbs, Better Homes and Gardens
Waterbury works with a well-known and respected garden editor and writer to produce the Gardening Made Easy series of direct-mail books for Better Homes and Gardens. All design is handled in house but we rely on the expert editor to produce a series that is accurate, informative, and consistent from book to book.

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