Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe

Discovery Channel



Editorial Concepting & Writing

Writing for children is a specialized discipline, so when Waterbury was hired to produce this book that appealed to the silly and scatalogical subjects of guts, poo, and demolition, we called on the expertise of a freelance writer—a former editorial director at Scholastic—who has written and edited hundreds of children’s books. The writer knew how to structure the book and write words that would strike just the right tone—one that is both funny and informative.


cs-dirty-jobs-2Design & Production

Since this book was going to be sold in Scholastic book fairs, it was important to create a graphic theme that would appeal to a younger audience. We worked online in the Discovery Channel digital content library to look for and download images from the show. When there wasn't a photo available, still images were extracted from high-definition video content. Since there weren't any significant graphic themes used in the show itself, we created dirty-looking background patterns and vector art of splatters and spills to incorporate throughout the book to create a “disgusting” look and feel.

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