Christmas from the Heart

Better Homes and Gardens


Editorial Concepting & Writing

When we work on a book series, continuity is very important. Christmas from the Heart is now in its 24th edition, and the same editor has been working on it since its inception. She is intimately familiar with how it has evolved over the years, so she works to keep the book fresh and new while respecting its tradition. The book features all aspects of preparing for the holidays, but the great majority of the content covers home decorating and crafts. Expert editors handle each aspect of the book. A food editor is in charge of the food content, while the decorating and crafts content is handled by the experienced crafts and decorating editor.

Crafts Development

Because this book is a continuity series that is part of a direct-mail program—and there are consumers who have been receiving it for all of its 24 years—it's important that there are new crafts created for every edition that reflect current crafting trends. Waterbury works with crafts designers to concept, create, and write all how-to instructions for the crafts that appear in this book.

/>Design & Photography

Christmas from the Heart utilizes newly shot photographs as well as pick-up content from the Better Homes and Gardens archive. For this reason, the new photography is designed to have a similar look and feel to the pick-up content. We also shoot step-by-step photos in order to simplify more complicated projects and we illustrate full-size patterns to be used with the crafts. The layout and design is intended to reflect the Better Homes and Gardens brand, so similar type styles and graphics are used.

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