Design & Production

Graphic Design

Whether yours is a cookbook, a garden book, a crafts book, or a book in any other category, our designers work hand in hand with the editors and publisher to understand the editorial content and audience so that they can create a design that is not only beautiful, but also practical and easy to follow. Market research of competitors’ books precedes an extensive prototyping process, which is then followed by the art direction of photography and/or illustrations. Once the copy and images are ready, our graphic designers and print production experts work closely with you to ensure that your book looks exactly how you want it to. Over the years our clients have come to expect on-time and on-target creative every time.

Color Correction, Retouching & Prepress

Waterbury Publications provides high-quality color correction, retouching, and imaging services for application or PDF files. Using the most advanced technology and workflows, we produce high-quality print-ready files. We’ll preflight your files to ensure that nothing is missing and that all images meet specifications. Print-ready files are created to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises when your job comes off the press. Our trouble-free files provide the peace of mind of knowing that the same file that made your approved proof will reproduce with 100% file integrity.


For clients in need of print services, Waterbury can manage that process. Just as no two jobs are exactly the same, no two printers are exactly alike. Each printer has a specialization. And while they would all like to print your job and may be able to do so, you will find wide swings in printing costs, as one printer will not have the equipment that is optimized for your job while another one does. For this reason, we’ll have an experienced production director with a deep understanding of the printing industry request a proposal only from printers that are uniquely suited for your job. Depending on quantity, trim size, page count, and myriad other factors, we will find the printer that is best equipped to handle your job at the lowest price while providing the highest quality.

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